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The goals of this module are to introduce the topic of crime and safety in the personal environment, to create awareness for strategies of preventive and direct protection of minorities, to increase collective protection strategy development and teamwork, to develop a general understanding of necessity for preventive protection and to […]

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Before starting a boxing program in your community, there are basic needs that an organization must consider in order to have a successful and sustainable program. Space One of the first basic needs is space. For a boxing program, you must have a space that is relatively flat with no […]

Basic Needs When Starting a Boxing Program

Create Your Own Games and Exercises As a creative coach, you can think of exercises and session outlines, yourself. As a little guidance while creating an exercise or a session, you can rely on basic criteria for the creation of a game or an exercise:

How to Contribute New Contents

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The purpose of this toolkit is to support organizations in successfully recreating sports and social business programs in their communities. You will find several program modules that you can use and adapt depending on your community and the issues you are most interested in addressing. You will find specific boxing […]

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Why is Boxing conducive to developing people and communities? Successful boxers, male and female, have always been inspirational role models for social change. Boxing training is based around conditioning, explosive strength training and technical exercises.

Boxing Curriculum: Why Boxing for Development?

How do we engage the schools through our project? How do we and the schools communicate? We contact the district in which the school is located. Jambo Bukoba has good connections to the District Officers, which is very important for our cooperation. It’s also part of the concept of Jambo […]

How to Involve Schools – Example from the Field: Tanzania

Some examples of topics for Life Skills training include: HIV and Aids Sexuality Gender based violence Economic Empowerment (how to save money, ways to make money etc.) Gender Children’s rights Peer pressure Health and Nutrition Leadership Conflict resolution Building friendships Hygiene Community and personal safety Consider partnering with another organization […]

Life Skills

Q: Cynthia, we are very happy that you took some time to give us an interview for the Sports and Business for Social Change online resource. This platform will be used by different multiplicators in the field of sport and development and also by girls who want to participate in […]

An Interview with Cynthia Coredo, Boxgirls Kenya

Safety and Rules Before starting, it is important to create a set of rules particularly for the boxing sessions. Once rules are established, write them down on a piece of large paper and have all the girls and coaches sign this. Place this piece of paper in the room or […]

Health, Safety & Rules in Sports

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The idea for this resource was developed by five partners during the Transformation and Development Through Sports (TADS) Conference, hosted in September 2013 by the Sport for Social Change Network and the German development corporation GIZ in Pretoria, South Africa. Each partner is contributing their specific expertise and knowledge to […]