How to Join the Boxgirls International Network

Before creating a Boxgirls program in your community, there are several administrative and organizational capacities that organizations need to keep in mind if they are interested in becoming an official Boxgirls International affiliate. Below are some of basics that these organizations will need to have in place or consider before they are able to introduce a successful Boxgirls program.

Ideal Organizations

As a potential Boxgirls affiliate organization, there are several organizational characteristics that Boxgirls International strongly recommends.

  1. Committed to girls’ empowerment: The overall philosophy of Boxgirls International and the focus of its programs is girls‘ empowerment and social change through sport. Boxgirls affiliates should share this passion to create strong girls and safe communities.Girls empowerment should be embodied within your organization. Boxgirls International wants to see it in practice; whether it is current programming focused on women’s empowerment, local, regional or national women’s right advocacy, or women and girls with top roles in the leadership and governance structure of your organization. If your organization is committed to advancing this mission  Boxgirls programs are a way to work towards it.
  2. Be registered as an official NGO in your country: It is important for your organization to be already registered  as an official non-governmental organization. This guarantees that you work in an official capacity within your area and adhere to certain requirements such as financial reporting, insurance, ability to accept donations and write and accept grants. Officially registered NGOs are integral in helping with the sustainability of the Boxgirls program..
  3. Have necessary financial and audit systems in place: Another important characteristic is that your organization has a sustainable and independent funding process. Boxgirls International is looking for NGOs that already have particular experience with international funders and the ability to receive and manage international funding, financial reporting, management of money and grant administration. Because Boxgirls programming is often funded by international organizations, it is important for Boxgirls affiliates to have the capacity to absorb and successfully manage grants. If your organization has no international grant experience, then it must prove that that is has national or local grant experience and disclose its current funding structure.
  4. Meet reporting, monitoring and evaluation requirements: Boxgirls affiliates will be required to meet all reporting, monitoring and evaluation requirements specified by Boxgirls International. This requires that organizations have previous experience with monitoring and evaluation and the capacity to designate someone to take on this task and focus on the Boxgirls program. This person will be trained on the specific processes set up by Boxgirls International and on the necessary documentation needed to fulfil certain criteria.


Relationship between Boxgirls Affiliates and Boxgirls International

Boxgirls International will only accept organizations that show and prove the above capacities and philosophies. Organizations accepted will be invited to be official Boxgirls affiliates. As a Boxgirls affiliate, your organization will pay a yearly royalty fee that ensures your affiliate status and gives you access to the following services and opportunities provided by Boxgirls International:

  • Access to brand of Boxgirls International
  • Access to all Boxgirls curricula and the opportunity to participate in curriculum development with other Boxgirls affiliates around the world
  • Access to the regional Boxgirls affiliate networks
  • Access to media and advocacy materials used by Boxgirls programs to advance the cause of women’s empowerment and social change through sports
  • Coordination by Boxgirls International of international grants

Boxgirls International will be involved in several ways and at different stages of your program’s development. Generally speaking, Boxgirls International will act as an international hub, providing specified support through curriculum and coaching training, program consulting, international advocacy and funding.

  1. Initial set up: Boxgirls International will help provide initial set up for Boxgirls programs once your organization is chosen as an affiliate. This includes initial training workshops for coaches and facilitators in your program, training on different types of media advocacy (photography, video), training on specific curricula offered by Boxgirls International, and targeted online/phone consulting support for the first year of the program. Training sessions might either be done on site at your organization or at a regional hub in your area.
    Coaches and facilitators trained in these initial workshops will have the possibility of receiving two types of certifications. Besides receiving a Boxgirls International Coaching Certificate, those trained particularly as boxing coaches will receive a boxing coaches certificate recognized by  AIBA the International Amateur Boxing Association. Those receiving coaching and facilitating training will receive a Development through Sports facilitator certificate.
  2. Ongoing consulting and advocacy: Boxgirls International will offer ongoing virtual consulting as your program grows and matures. This will include an online platform, which you can use to communicate with Boxgirls International, download and have access to new curricula, advocacy information, and other new developments. It will also provide monitoring and evaluation formats and support and might highlight your program in its international advocacy activities. Boxgirls International will also conduct one annual visit to your program site.
  3. Boxgirls affiliate networks: Boxgirls International will connect you to other Boxgirls programs in your region in order to create regional affiliate networks. The purpose will be to help facilitate best practice sharing, new ideas and training and funding opportunities that might become available.


Boxgirls Affiliate Responsibilities

Besides a yearly royalty fee, Boxgirls affiliates will have several administrative and organizational responsibilities.

  1. Data delivery: Boxgirls International will require all affiliates to deliver program data on a specified reporting schedule as well as fulfil certain monitoring and evaluation requirements. This enables Boxgirls International to understand the progress of each affiliate, to answer to international donors and funders, and to use the success stories and progress of individual affiliates in international advocacy and grant activities.
  2. Media: Boxgirls affiliates are also expected, after being trained by Boxgirls International, to actively use different types of media to record and report their activities. This includes video and photo as well as the frequent usage of social media to promote their own affiliate and Boxgirls International.
  3. Young women coaches: Boxgirls affiliates must provide and identify young women in their community who are interested in being a part of this program and being trained either as boxing coaches or facilitators. These can be females who are already boxing coaches in the area, females who are boxers, or women who may not necessarily be boxers, but are athletic and have a willingness to learn basic boxing techniques and how to be a boxing coach. The most important thing is to identify women who are on board with the philosophy and mission of Boxgirls International and who have the potential to be role models and mentors to young women and young girls in their community.


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