The idea for this resource was developed by five partners during the Transformation and Development Through Sports (TADS) Conference, hosted in September 2013 by the Sport for Social Change Network and the German development corporation GIZ in Pretoria, South Africa. Each partner is contributing their specific expertise and knowledge to create a comprehensive online manual which would benefit organisations in North, South, East and West in their efforts to accelerate social change.

The partners were:  

Arise South Africa

arise-logo_v2Providing a platform for a quality holistic and sustainable development program for administrators, educators, coaches and participants


Arise provides a vibrant Education and Sport Development Program, that enables our communities to excel and overcome their daily challenges. 

Who we are & What we do

Arise Community Development Projects is a registered NPO that has the following key activities:


  • The education sector focuses on
  • grade 12 learner revision program
  • small business development
  • cooperative training
  • retail training
  • administration training

 Football Coaching:

  • Coaching seminars
  • Violence Prevention Workshops
  • Team Development
  • Life Skills Training
  • Technical Coaching
  • Street Soccer Development
  • Tournaments
  • Mentorship

 Poverty alleviation program:

  • Feeding scheme
  • Recruitment and job placement

Boxgirls International

boxgirls international_small_squared_200x200Strong girls. Strong communities.

Boxgirls was set up to build on the work started by a boxing coach, Analo Anjere (popularly known as Priest), who had been coaching young men and women in the Eastland’s area of Nairobi for many years. Priest was coaching boys and two girls came to the window of the Kariobangi social hall and said they wanted to box like the boys. Priest overheard them and got them to come along to train with the boys. In 2007 Priest met with Heather Cameron from Boxgirls International and they talked about building up Boxgirls in Kenya. During the post election violence in 2008 girls and women were raped in the violence and chaos and many people were left traumatized in Boxgirls community. It was on the back of this despair that Boxgirls grew further, providing a safe place for girls, to learn about life and talk about their issues. Boxgirls Kenya aim to create a world where women and girls lead dignified lives in secure communities where they are valued as equal members and have control over their sexuality and economic development.

Boxgirls Kenya

bg kenya_logo transparent_200x200Young women transform themselves and their communities through sport

Boxgirls Kenya improves girls‘ strength and resilience and allows them to better negotiate the urban environment. Boxgirls train as a team to face individual challenges alone. The skills they learn in the ring bring them further in their schooling, family and career. Boxgirls Nairobi creates sporting opportunities for girls and young women in the disadvantaged areas of Nairobi Eastlands.

Girls workout together to become friends, become strong, become aware of the hazards that face them and prepare to fight them together.

Jambo Bukoba

Logo Jambo BukobaGiving children strength through sport

„Hello Bukoba” is the name of our charity when translated from Swahili. We support children and young people in Bukoba, Tanzania, by teaching them about HIV and AIDS, by encouraging equal opportunities for girls and by helping to improve the quality of education. We create a framework for teaching sport and the development of children through games, because we believe that sport is the best means of making children strong and healthy so that they can cope with the harsh realities of daily life and so that they learn to behave responsibly towards themselves and others as a preparation for life.


nowspar-logoEvery Body Matters.

The Zambian National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) is a non governmental sports organisation that promotes the participation of girls and women in sport at all levels. NOWSPAR Conducts advocacy, awaress, research and capacity development on gender equality in sport.

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