Adding a new jump

The goals of this module are

  • to warm up and
  • to get a feeling for rhythm and coordination.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30


10 minutes



Materials for download:

External resources:

How it’s done

There is an infinite number of jumping exercises. Try and alternate between different varieties such as:

  • Hands jump – jumping up and down – arms out straight in front of you, waving hands, arms out to the side waving hands, arms up in surrender waving hands
  • Aerobics move: Both arms up over head, one leg forward the other back, do it alternately, moving to the side and arms down and up and then same movement with your legs but put arms in front on body and push out to either side
  • Star jumps with arms to the side and then arms out in front
  • Star jumps with hands on hips
  • Star jump back and forward (not to the side) with hands on hips
  • Star jump combination, hands on hips, to the side and then front/back
  • Jumping with one knee up to the side, then the other knee up to the side, hands on hips
  • Jumping twisting your whole body

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