Basic session scheme 2

The goal of this module is

  • to provide coaches with a basic guideline in how to design a boxing (and life skills) lesson.

Ideal Group size:






Materials for download:

External resources:

How it’s done

NB: The times below are estimates, some sessions might take longer and others shorter, even the scheme can be different for specific sessions and topics (e.g. 2 games, …)

Intro & group ritual

5 min

Use a unique group ritual for physical and mental preparation, which signalizes the participants to put the group and its aim in focus.


5 min

Review the previous session. Ask for volunteers to repeat most significant points (MSP) of the previous session.

Game/exercise for topic introduction

15 – 25 min

Introduce the topic and make the group aware of the content using a topic related exercise or game.

Reflection and discussion

20 – 30 min

Moderate a group discussion with specific learning targets, which are related to the topic of the session. Try to reflect on experiences and conclusions made in the game/exercise and create a connection to real life.

Summary, MSP and dismissal

5 min


Ask the girls to summarize the MSP and what they have learned. Encourage use of a constant tool for documentation of the girls’  learning progress (e.g. collection on a flipchart or poster, diary with MSP for each session on it).Dismissal with unique group ritual.

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