The goals of this module are to encourage girls to share thoughts and concerns about sex and sexuality, to increase self-presentation skills, to educate girls and young women about HIV and risky sexual behaviour and to create awareness for the meaning of teenage pregnancy and the importance of responsible sexual […]

Walk like a woman & march like a man

The goals of this module are to introduce the topic of crime and safety in the personal environment, to create awareness for strategies of preventive and direct protection of minorities, to increase collective protection strategy development and teamwork, to develop a general understanding of necessity for preventive protection and to […]

Queen of the bees

Arise co-operative
Upon completion of this module the reader will know and understand the following: Planning strategies for income generation, Management of the income generation project, The internal and external factors that influence the financial/production prospects of a co-operative, SWOT analysis, How to analyse the internal environment, Marketing strategies and common mistakes.

Income Generation in a Co-operative