Chicken boxing

The goal of this module is

  • to warm up and learn to keep a balance.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30


10 minutes



  • Boxing gloves (there is a variation of this game without gloves)

Materials for download:

External resources:

How it’s done

thumb_bg kenya chicken boxing game_Kilifi_Moving goalpostsTip: It is important to try and match people up regarding their height in this game to make things a bit more fair

  1. Have all participants form a circle by holding hands and continuing to do so throughout the game. If there are a lot of participants, make two or three circles.
  2. Place two participants in the middle of the circle, each one with a glove on their jab hand. Standing on only one leg (dominant leg), the objective is to knock your opponent off balance by punching him/her with jab arm while only on one leg. If your other leg touches down at all during the game, you are considered out and must exit the circle.
  3. Whoever knocks down their opponent first stays in the middle and another opponent from the circle enters to play.
  4. If someone wins three times they are declared champion and retired to the outer circle after picking 2 people to make the next bout so that everyone gets a chance to play.

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