How to Involve Schools – Example from the Field: Tanzania

How do we engage the schools through our project?

How do we and the schools communicate?

We contact the district in which the school is located. Jambo Bukoba has good connections to the District Officers, which is very important for our cooperation. It’s also part of the concept of Jambo Bukoba to involve the whole community: The schools, the parents and the district. So when we are doing renovations and workshops, also the district contributes money or helps us to get in touch with the schools.

How we do events/ parades?

One of the main projects of Jambo Bukoba is to conduct workshops for sports teachers. During the 5-day training sessions called “Life Skills through Games“ sports teachers learn about games which can help educate pupils about HIV and AIDS and further develop their social skills. In addition general teaching skills such as planning and structuring a Games lesson and how to conduct a lesson are a fundamental part of the training. The programme is the fruit of eight months’ work by Sebastian Rockenfeller, who is a specialist in Sport and Development and who was commissioned to work for Jambo Bukoba by the Foreign Office and the German Olympic Federation in conjunction with the German Sports University in Cologne. “Life Skills through Games” is designed to meet the needs and conditions on the ground in Tanzania. It is now the basis for the work of Jambo Bukoba in the area around the city of Bukoba. Jambo Bukoba is organizing the contents of the workshop and the coach. We provide the participating teachers with sports equipment like balls and jerseys and they also receive a teachers’ manual. The district is organizing the teachers: They are contacting the schools, paying the travel costs for the teachers to the workshop place and paying the allowances.

The teachers who participated in our workshops can now show the learned games and skills at our District Bonanzas. Four schools per district can participate and out of them the winner gets a renovation. The Bonanzas are a very special spectacle for the children. We place great emphasis on equality and in particular the strengthening of the girls. A team is made out of 30 students, of which at least 50% are girls. Each Bonanza includes 120 participating students. Besides the renovation the finalists of the districts qualify for the Final Bonanza in the city of Bukoba.

The eight winners of the district Bonanzas are qualified for the Final Bonanza, which takes place in January at the big stadium in Bukoba. Beside the eight school teams (250 students) and their games, we invite other supporter schools, bands, orchestras and dancing groups. In the end, more than one thousand people are coming together to celebrate this main event. In fact, at this day each team is a winner: Most of the children are for their first time in Bukoba, all schools are getting a school renovation and a lot of guests are getting informed about the values and ideas of Jambo Bukoba. Through this Final Bonanza we are motivating everybody to support the children, empower girls and to increase the awareness of AIDS/HIV.


Do we develop new projects and ideas together?

The concept of Jambo Bukoba is that each of the eight winner schools gets a school renovation. The schools and Jambo Bukoba develop together how this renovation should look like by analyzing the needs of the school. We are also starting new projects with the schools, i.e. building a school partnership. The pilot project is starting and the pupils of the Tanzanian and the German school are developing ideas together how their partnership should look like. Because of the input and ideas of the district, the people in Tanzania and our experiences we are able to start new projects which match with the needs of the community.


What are the challenges in rural areas?

There are a lot of challenges you have to deal with in rural areas. The first problem is the bad infrastructure which makes it hard to reach the schools. When we are travelling with the public bus, we need in average 3 hours for 100 Km. Jambo Bukoba is working in the whole Kagera Region. That’s why we have to travel up to 400 Km to reach one of our schools. The second problem is the electricity. Almost none of the schools have electricity which means that they have no light in the class rooms. Another problem is the dependence on the weather. If it’s raining, the lesson must be stopped because it’s becoming very noisy and dark in the class rooms. In some schools, the pupils also have to leave the class room during rain because the roof can break because of too much rain. This makes also the cooperation and work together with Jambo Bukoba more difficult. (i.e. bad infrastructure)


Our vision for the future?

We want to implement our work in the whole region of Kagera. So we want to increase the number of workshops in the eight districts to reach more teachers. We believe that sport has the power to improve the mind of the society and also to help children to become better in school. By conducting more workshops and raising the hours of P.E. subject, we hope to fulfill our aims.

Through our next big project – being part of the Boxing Girls Network – we want to empower girls furthermore. Combined with or ideas and activities, Boxing Girls gives us the chance to reach more girl, to make more girls stronger and to effect the role of women in society in a sustainable way.

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