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  • Voices from the Field: Salome, Kenya

    thumb_bg kenya_salome portrait
    Salome teaches computing skills to girls in Kenya and supports the Boxgirls programme evaluation.
  • Boxgirls Kenya Founder Anjalo „Priest“ Anjere

    thumb_bg kenya_priest portrait
    Priest talks about why he founded the Boxgirls Kenya programme and why the organisation decided to expand to rural areas.
  • Chief Paul Ambaisi, Kenya

    thumb_bg kenya_chief paul ambaisi portrait
    Chief Paul talks about how the Boxgirls programme was introduced in his community.
  • Social Develompent Assistant Fenistus Nyongesa, Kenya

    thumb_bg kenya_social worker fenistus nyongesa portrait
    Social work in rural Kenya is faced with special challenges.
  • Assistant Chief Anne Nechesa, Kenya

    thumb_bg kenya_assistant chief anne nechesa portrait
    Assistant Chief Anne Nechesa talks about challenges and solutions for girls in rural Kenya.
  • I am a tool for change. (Poem)

    thumb_bg kenya girl in school uniform boxer fists_IMG_2847
    A Boxgirl's Poem about Boxing and Boxgirls.
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I am a tool for change. (Poem)

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