Ground Rules and Equipment for Boxing and Life Skills 1

The goals of this module are

  • to understand the basic rules and equipment used in boxing,
  • to develop and agree upon the rules together for the Boxgirls curriculum to encourage respect for each other, and
  • to understand why we set and follow rules at school, home, in our community and our country.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30


1h 25 minutes


  • Chalkboard and chalk AND/OR flip chart paper, marker pens, masking tape, pen/pencil, notebook.
  • Boxing equipment (gloves, pads, any other that are available)

Materials for download:

External resources:


How it’s done

Introduction to the Boxing Rules and Equipment and Making Ground Rules (5 minutes)

  1. Get all the children to sit in a big circle.
  2. The boxing coach and life skills facilitator stand in the circle.
  3. Explain that today they will learn about boxing rules and equipment and how to make the rules for the Boxgirls Curriculum TOGETHER.

Come Together (25 minutes)

  1. Group the children into four groups and give each group some paper and a pen.
  2. Tell them to discuss and write down some rules they think might be important for them as a group for the next eight months in the Boxgirls curriculum. Ask each group to come up with 5 or 6 rules. Suggest 2 or 3 from as examples to help them get started.
  3. Give them 10 minutes to discuss the rules they want in their groups.
  4. Ask each group to share their rules so that the facilitator can write them on a flip chart.
  5. Then decide on ten rules as a group and invite all the children to sign the ground rules. Explain to the group that these ground rules were decided democratically and, therefore, we will follow these in the following sessions.
  6. Bring the ground rules to the programme site every week and post them in a visible place so that everyone is aware of the rules – you may also want to BAMBISHA these ground rules as necessary through the various activities, particularly before the discussion of anticipated problematic topics.

Let’s Box (25 minutes)

  1. The Boxing coach should get all the children standing up in a big circle.
  2. With the life skills facilitator the boxing coach should demonstrate some of the key EQUIPMENT and RULES of boxing. The boxing coach shows the children the piece of equipment and explains why it is needed and how it is used.

Basic Rules Of Boxing (10 mins)

  • Explain what is acceptable:

– One can only hit with the knuckle of a closed fist
– No hitting below the belt
– No holding, tripping, pushing, biting, spitting, kicking, head butting
– No hitting the back, back of the neck, back of the head
– If a boxer is knocked down the other boxer must move to the furthest neutral corner of the ring

  • Rules and equipment for Boxing: To understand the sport, its rules and the equipment used
  • Demonstrate with the life skills facilitator as much as possible

Cool down and Feedback round (10 minutes)

  1. Boxing Cool Down – make it relaxed, quiet, get the children to focus on their breathing, get them to stretch, keep quiet, close their eyes
  2. Feedback round: ask one thing they have learned today (ask about TEN children, NOT more than ten), keep it relaxed. Give them one assignment to do over the next week: Tell them to write down where they have seen rules in their family, school, community, country and bring them to the next week’s session.
  3. Boxing coach: summarize what they have learned (1 minute). Whilst children are quietly lying on their backs, concentrating on their breathing.
  4. Life skills facilitator: summarize what they have learned (1 minute). Whilst children are quietly lying on their backs, concentrating on their breathing.
  5. Rest for one minute in silence. Tell children to get up slowly and come to write their name on a register. Release them back into school.

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