Jumping games

The goals of this module are

  • to strengthen the leg muscles and
  • to increase endurance.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30


10 minutes



Materials for download:

External resources:

How it’s done

There is an infinite number of jumping exercises. Try and alternate between different varieties such as:

  • Jumping with knees to chest
  • Jumping up with both legs to each side behind you and touch with both hands
  • Jumping with straight legs, feet together to touch hands in front of your body
  • Jumping with straight legs, feet apart to touch hands in front of your body
  • Maasai jumping, straight up, as high as you can
  • Jumping with your legs moving to the side and arms moving to the side from being in front of your body
  • Jumping in a frog position to touch the inside of your feet with your hands
  • Jumping kicking legs up behind to touch your hands
  • Jumping and bringing one knee up to your head, then do with the other leg
  • Goalkeeper jump – jump up and ‘save the ball’ up and to the side
  • Cheza dance jump – jump high in the aid and swivel your hips
  • Running jump – kick out one leg, fold the other leg behind, touch front foot with your hand. Repeat with the alternate leg.
  • Boxing jump – jump up in the air and box the air with your hands

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