Managing stress, anger and conflict (2)

The goal of this module is

  • to learn to use „I“ statements to express feelings,
  • to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate responses to anger and
  • to successfully deal with situations that cause stress, anger and/or conflict.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30

Duration: 25 minutes



  • Chalk board and chalk, flip chart paper and marker pens

How it’s done

  1. Discuss some examples that participants have experienced in the week in their own lives.
  2. How do we think we can deal with anger and conflict? Ask the children to come up with ideas of how to resolve conflict or deal with anger.
  3. Write them on the chalk board and add these:
    • Steps to Resolve Conflict or Deal with Anger
    • Express your opinion calmly
    • Allow others to express their opinions
    • Listen while others speak and try to understand their views
    • Work with others to find a solution to the problem
    • Use “I” statements
    • Ask a respected adult to help if you are unable to reach agreement
    • Leave the situation if you are unable to control your anger
  4. Explain about using ‘I’ statements to reduce the blame and judgement. Examples:
    • “That upsets me and I would like to talk with you about it.”
    • “It hurts my feelings when…” (instead of YOU hurt me)
    • “It makes me upset when…” (instead of YOU upset me – that makes them feel angry and judged)
    • “I think we should talk about this situation. Tell me how you feel about…”

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