Punching sprints game

The goal of this module is

  • to improve punching strength and endurance.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30


10 minutes



  • Punching bag, gloves (can be done with bare fists and a bundle of towels or clothes held by the coach

Materials for download:

External resources:

How it’s done

Tip: Use games and competitions to make boxing/punching sprints fun and enjoyable. By making it a competition between teams, learners feel motivated to push themselves.

  1. Create as many groups as you have punching bags (if you have three bags, create three groups etc.)
  2. Tell each group to get in a line, one behind the other, several meters from a punching bag. Ask one person from each line to come and hold the bag from behind, stabilizing it.
  3. Tell the first person from each line to walk up to the bag and get into a boxing stance. Once the coach blows the whistle, each child will do boxing sprints as fast as possible for the designated period of time. This could be 5,10 or 20 seconds depending on how difficult you want it to be.
  4. Once the time is up, the child stops and moves behind the bag to stabilize it. The stabilizers return to the end of the line and the next child in line walks up to the bag. Encourage the children to change positions as quickly as possible so there is only a few second between rotations. They must move quickly and run into place.
  5. Although this is not a race, encourage children on each team to be as loud as possible to cheer on their teammates when performing the boxing sprints.

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