The Arise South Africa co-operative training manual

How to use this Manual

The Arise South Africa co-operative training manual serves as a guideline to everyone that is interested in starting a co-operative. This manual serves to improve the quality of an existing co-operative This training manual may form an important part of a formal training programme as it may assist to ensure consistency in the planning stages of the co-operative. It may also ensure that all information necessary to perform tasks is together in one place.

It is a reference manual that contains detailed information on processes and procedures of starting and maintaining a cooperative

This manual also consists of PDF handouts that will serve as examples of forms that could be used in the cooperative business.

Please note that there are different forms for different countries, so it is important that you make sure which forms and documents are used in your country.

This manual cannot be used solely as training material or content as there is many additional information needed to provide complete training, hence more research must be done in order to compile full training material.

Many members do not know how to start or manage a cooperative and these chapters is a skeleton guideline on how to start a cooperative

These chapters are based on the cooperative business in South Africa, but most other African countries do have cooperatives and most importantly, the cooperatives Act of the country.

It is important to research cooperatives within your country of residence to ensure that you are compliant with all the laws of the cooperative.

These documents can be printed and distributed to cooperative members and can be used to refresh on training that was already received.

All the best with your cooperative  business.

Downloads & further documentation:

ARISE3 063

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