Stance, coordination, space and balance 11

The goals of this module are

  • to learn the correct stance and
  • to learn about stability and balance in boxing.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30


25 minutes


  • Boxing equipment

Materials for download:

External resources:

How it’s done

The most basic skills that boxers should learn have to do with the correct boxing stance, hand and eye coordination, gauging space with feet and fists and learning how to stay balanced, avoid unbalance and toppling over when pushed. These are all skills necessary to learn before boxers learn to make the various punches.

The correct stance (as demonstrated in the video below):

  • Feet: Teach participants how to identify whether their stance is orthodox (left foot in front, left fist in front) or south paw (right foot in front, right fist in front). This usually depends on what hand they use to write. If they are right handed, then they will most likely have an orthodox stance, in which their left hand is used for short jabs and their more powerful right hand is reserved for the straight punch. Their feet should be shoulder length apart, and either the right or left foot in front, roughly half a step forward.


Participants should get used to their centre of gravity, where they feel the most secure and stable.

Exercise to see whether the correct stance has been found:

In pairs, one stand in stance position, and the other boxer tries to push them over and the coaches help on stance. If they’re pushed over they have to do five squats in the stance position. Coaches will be helping individual pairs on stance.

  • Hands/arms: Next, show participants how to hold their fists/gloves and arms. The front fist should be protecting one side of their face, near the cheekbone, while the back fist should be doing the same on the other side. The chin should be down towards the chest. The arms (bent elbows) are brought to the sides to protect the chest/rib cage.


It is very important to teach participants the importance of protecting their head with their fists and gloves. Boxing can be dangerous if boxers cannot protect their head effectively.

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