Tap (footwork and reflexes)

The goal of this module is

  • to improve balance, stance and reflexes.

Ideal Group size:

Up to 30


10 minutes



Materials for download:

External resources:

How it’s done

Tip: Either this game is done with everyone wearing shoes or with no one wearing shoes.

  1. Tell participants to find partners who are roughly the same height as themselves.
  2. Explain that this game will have three rounds. Tell them to place their hands on the opposite person’s shoulders, with both arms extended. Both participants in the pair should be doing this at the same time.
  3. In round one, one participant in the pair must try to touch her/his partner’s foot with her/his foot while her/his partner tries to avoid it. They must not let go of each other’s shoulders during the round.
  4. Round two, the participants switch roles.
  5. In the third round, both participants try to step on each other’s feet at the same time.

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