The role of the Manager in a co-operative 1

Upon completion of this module the reader will know and understand the following:

  1. What is a co-operative manager?
  2. What are the roles and responsibilities of the manager?
  3. What skills should the co-operative manager have?


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What is a co-operative manager?

  • A co-operative manager is employed by the Board of Directors to execute specific duties as set out by the co-operative operational plan.
  • The Co-operative manager makes tactical and executive decisions that influences the productivity of the co-operative

What are the roles and responsibilities of the manager?

  • Is in charge of the staff
  • Keeps up the continuity by appointing new staff, training existing staff
  • Implements policies and procedures
  • Ensures that the co-operative is on track with production
  • Responsible for purchases, budgeting, personnel and production
  • General administrative duties such as reports, annual budget and inventory
  • Makes short and medium term decisions regarding the use, organisation and management of the co-operatives resources.
  • Must hold staff meetings
  • Stock Management
  • Financial Management
  • The manager is responsible under the supervision of the Board for price control and distribution
  • Checks the effectiveness of the equipment and make sure that it is maintained at all times
  • The Manager is responsible for merchandising and marketing the product.

What skills should the co-operative manager have?

  • The manager should have strong decision making skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • A manager must be able to resolve conflict
  • He/she must have the basic knowledge or expertise of the product being produced or service being rendered.
  • A manager is responsible for all the day to day tasks, therefore his /her attention for detail must be exceptional.
  • He/she must be honest and clear about all the aspects of the business whether good or bad.
  • His/her people skills will provide a strong platform for productivity, as this will ensure that members and employees are happy in their workplace.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively through speech and written word
  • He/ she must be well equipped to understand economical, political and financial trends
  • The manager must be confident in everything that he/she does
  • The physical appearance of the manager must always be neat
  • The work space must be organised, secretarial and punctuality will convey a subtle message that the co-operative is living out its success.
  • The personal qualities of a manager are intellectual, physical well-being, a value and moral system, practical experience, interpersonal relationships and credibility by knowing him/herself and being honest with regards to his/her strengths and weaknesses.


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