Using This Website

The purpose of this toolkit is to support organizations in successfully recreating sports and social business programs in their communities.

You will find several program modules that you can use and adapt depending on your community and the issues you are most interested in addressing. You will find specific boxing exercises and games, suggestions and guides for involving the community and ideas on how to select and train coaches and program facilitators. In addition, you will find an administrative guide and best practices to help you address challenges and obstacles along the way.

We know that not every community is the same, or has the same available resources. We have tried to offer alternatives for organizations that may not have access to certain equipment or space.

Besides several administrative and organizational needs, it is also important that any organization starting their own Boxgirls program understands and shares a similar philosophy. The success of the Boxgirls International lies in the focus and strength of its vision, which is a world in which girls and women are active agents of social change in their communities, are confident and strong social actors and are economically empowered, allowing them to better negotiate the urban environment and bring them further in their schooling, family and career. In designing your own community program with the help of this toolkit and support from Boxgirls International, it is important to stay focused on this ethos.

Jambo Bukoba student group

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