How to Contribute New Contents

Create Your Own Games and Exercises

As a creative coach, you can think of exercises and session outlines, yourself. As a little guidance while creating an exercise or a session, you can rely on basic criteria for the creation of a game or an exercise:

  1. Connection between issue and objectives

    • Is there a logic link between the issue and the resulting objectives or are difficult abstractions needed?
  2. Easiness of the exercise

    • Can the objectives lead to a change of the issue and how?
    • How transparent is the connection for the participants  in the end?
    • Does it take a lot of time to explain the exercise?
    • Are the rules easy to understand or does one need to play the game a couple of times to get the exercises’ content?
  3. Involvement of participants

    • Does every participant take part actively?
    • Is there a danger of segregation  and if yes, how is it solved?
  4. Enjoyment and creativity

    • Is it easy to encourage people to perform?
    • Does the exercise provide some kind of good mood and sensitizes the participants to work/discuss witch each other?
  5. Connection between exercise and discussion round

    • Do the experiences made during the exercise give insight into discussion rounds?
    • Can you link the content or the exercises’ target easily to objectives and topic of a discussion round?
    • What metaphors are used to connect experience in exercise with objectives in discussion?
  6. Adaptability of the exercise

    • Can one change the exercise’s level of difficulty?
    • Is there a way to adapt the exercise to the individual requirements of different groups?


Submit a Module

You may use the following form to submit a module to the platform. Please note that we cannot guarantee publication.

If you would like us to contact you with questions regarding the module please include your email address in the module.

Please send any attachments (materials for download) and images directly to info[at] They will be manually added to your module.

  • Photo formatphotos should be at least 270px wide as well as at least 250px in height
    • Slider format: 1335x500px 72dpi landscape
    • Thumb format: 270x250px 72dpi landscape
  • Video format: if possible 1280x720px (HD720p)

Thank you for your contribution!


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