How to Print Modules for Use in the Field

This website is using the PrintFriendly plug-in. This means that you can automatically create PDF and printer friendly versions of all the content you find on to print for use in the field, to save on your computer or to send via email.

  1. Find the Print button at the bottom of the module / page, above the comments (in modules) or the footer (on pages).
  2. When you click the button a page overlay pops up. It shows the content as it would be saved as PDF or printed.
  3. You may now make adjustments:
    • Remove the images (individually or all images at once by checking the box at the top of the page)
    • Remove text items by clicking on the paragraph you would like to remove
    • Decrease or increase the text size at the top of the page by choosing a percentage between 70 and 130 %
    • If you clicked and removed an item by mistake you can click on the „Undo“ button also at the top of the page
  4. Once you have adjusted the content to your liking you may either email the page, save a PDF to your computer or print the content to take it to the field with you.

We recommend for printed modules/pages that you use repeatedly that you have them laminated. That way they become more resistant to handling and exposure to moisture.

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